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Automatically Send Regular Messages from WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS to Your Customers

Stay in touch with Your Customers

Get repeat business from customers using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS

  • Automatically schedule messages like follow-ups, reminders, feedback, appointment, birthday / holiday wishes, discount and promotional messages to your customers to get repeat business.
  • Send promotions, discounts and reminder messages after a few months of last service / order to repeat sales.


  • Increase your Yelp, Google business ratings, Facebook page Likes and Amazon reviews by sending a message to customer to submit review of your business.
  • Automatically send reminder and promotional message after a few months of last order/service by the customer to make repeat sales.
  • Instantly send invoice / receipt / feedback request on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS after customer visit or sale completed.
  • Send all messages from your own registered phone number so that customer can recognize the sender.
  • Easily add/delete/update/search/backup/restore all customer records.

This software is best suited for all businesses who want to retain customers. A few businesses are listed below that can use the software.

Party Planners
Event Organizers
Video Arcade Games
Car Service Shop
Regular Car Checkup
Lawn and Pool Service
Pub Owners
All Manufacturers

Beauty Salons
Gym / Gymnasium
Fitness Center
Personal Trainer
Dental Checkups
Blood Tests
Medicine Suppliers
Movie Theaters
All Wholesellers

Travel Agents
Travel Companies
Entertainment Parks
Water Park Owners
Movie Theater
Yearly Tax Auditors
Financial Consultants
All Importers

Home Appliance Service
Home Cleaning Service
Yearly Heating Service
Aquarium Cleaning
Trucking Business
Shipping Operator
Car Wash
All Exporters
Training / Coaching Centers

All the above businesses benefit for repeat customers visits. So, they should send regular messages to the customer when you expect customer needs your service again. The software does this automatically for you on WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS. For example, a restaurant food shop can automatically send a promotional message to a customer to visit the shop again if the customer has not visited the shop in 2-3 months. A fitness center can automatically send a similar message if customer misses an yearly renewal. A tour operator or hotel owner can automatically send a promotional reminder message to a customer who took the service last year and would go on for a vacation this year too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What hardware do I need to run the software?
Answer:     You need:

1. An Android phone (for SMS)
2. A phone number to send messages
3. Windows PC or laptop or tablet (for WhatsApp / Facebook)

Question:  I have an Android / Apple phone and phone number but I don’t have a Windows device. What should I do?
Answer:     You can buy any Windows 10 laptop or tablet directly from China. The price starts from $90. The website is:

Or you can buy any small laptop or Windows tablet online from Amazon etc. starting from $100.

Question:  Can I send messages to any random number / bulk messaging / spamming?
Answer:     NO. You should not send any message to a person who has not taken your service before or is not known to you. The software is used to increase sales by encouraging previous customers to take your service again. The software is not made for bulk messaging or spamming to unknown number / people. After every message is sent, there is a delay of a few minutes to prevent spamming / bulk messaging from software.

Question:  Which businesses should not use this software?
Answer:     Those businesses who usually provide service to a customer only once in many years do not benefit from the software. For example: new car seller, matrimonial service provider, real estate agent, home renovation service, plumber, carpenter, electrician etc. All these businesses often provide service once in many years and can not predict when their next service will be again required by the same customer. So, they can not send reminders after a few months of last service taken by a customer. But they can send birthday and holiday messages using the software.

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