How to Convert Any File to Different File Formats

Any file can be converted to PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF file formats

Universal Converter software should be present on your computer to convert any file.

If the software is not already installed on your computer then, first download the software from here. You can read software installation instructions here

Steps to Convert Any File to PDF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF file formats

1.   Open the file to be converted.

Open the file to be converted in any suitable application that has printing capability (eg. Wordpad, Paint)

2.    Print the file.

Print the file from the application (usually the print option is under the file menu)

3.    Select the virtual printer and print.

​Select the Universal Converter printer icon from the installed printer list that appears in the print window of the application. Press Print or OK button in the print window (usually the Print or OK button is at bottom-right of the print window).

4.    Choose output format.

Click “Save” button to save the file in the desired file format. Settings can be changed for the output file formats by pressing “Settings” button, before pressing the “Save” button.Choose output file. Select the desired file format and file name in the “Save” window.

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