JPG to Word Converter

JPG to Word Conversion - Using JPG to Word Converter

JPG to Word Converter software converts a jpg file to editable word, text and pdf file formats. The text in an image is converted to editable word, text and pdf format so that the text can be edited and modified as required. The software recognizes text in more than 40 languages and all the latin characters. After the conversion is over, the converted file can be easily edited.

Many times we have an image file such as jpg that contains text which needs to be edited but it can not be edited because of the image file format. So, the JPG to word Converter software is used for the conversion of a scanned image such as jpg file to an editable format.

JPG to Word converter is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that can convert any image or scanned document to all major text based formats. The structure and the layout of the text in the image file is well maintained after conversion.




File Formats:

Converts JPG to Word and supports all popular document and image formats.

Multi-Lingual Text Recognition:

Recognizes more than 40 different languages and their fonts. Easily convert any document in any supported language.


Provides best security features including password protection and watermark.

Preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout of multi-page documents:

Recognizes and retains logical structure, text, tables, graphics, formatting elements in single and multi-page documents.

Output Formats:

DOC, TXT, HTML, PDF, Searchable PDF, Text-only PDF



Usage Details:

The software is easy to use. The user interface of the software is displayed on the right had side. First open the input file in the software or it can be scanned from a scanner. Once the input file is opened, select the required output format such as word, doc, text, pdf and then click on save button.

If you are scanning for a scanning device such as scanner or camera, you can scan multiple pages and then convert it to Word format. The software asks when to finish the scanning so that the multiple scanned pages can be opened in the software and converted to a word document.

The converted file can be secured using password and watermark. The password protection prevents others from viewing or copying your document's content. The software supports all major international languages and all major file formats.


User Interface