Submit your news, press release and business information to top news and business websites

News Publisher is a news submission software and an online marketing tool that submits your news, press release, website and business information to top news websites and hence boosts your business. News Publisher brings sales leads, business contacts and traffic to you and your website or homepage.

News Publisher is of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals, freelancers, website owners and small businesses as the software can publish their business information and details to top news and business websites automatically and can boost their business and sales.

Create unlimited user accounts and submit unlimited news, press release

You can create and maintain unlimited news and author information along with their news submission reports in the software.

Include hyperlinks of your website and homepage in the submitted news

News Publisher automatically includes hyperlinks in the submitted news that point to your business details, website and homepage. News Publisher brings interested readers, journalists and media persons to your website and increases media coverage of your business internationally.

Generate complete submission report for each news submission

You can save a complete submission report of submitted news on all top news websites.

Automatically recognizes captcha images

News Publisher also recognizes captcha images automatically; you do not have to fill captcha images before submission on any of the websites.

Conforms to all submission guidelines of all websites and submits news accordingly

News Publisher conforms to the submission guidelines of all news websites. All news websites have different news submission guidelines and rules and your news is submitted in the required format and always to the correct best matching news category of each website.

Target keywords relevant to your press release and promotes those keywords automatically

News Publisher also submits relevant keywords along with the news to increase your news ranking on those relevant keywords.

Free future updates, releases and free life-time technical support

News Publisher comes with free future updates, releases and free life-time technical support. In case of a new release, we inform you to download and install the new software update.

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5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating


Automatic Submission

Automatically submit your news, press release and business information to top news and business websites.

Automatic Captcha Recognition

Recognize captcha images automatically.

News Submission Report

Generate news submission report in PDF and HTML formats.

Supports Hyperlinks

Published news includes hyperlinks pointing to your website.

Target Keywords

News is published with relevant keywords and news category.

Follows News Submission Guidelines

News is submitted in accordance with the news submission guidelines specified by all news websites.

Free life-time support and future updates

Free future updates, releases and free life-time technical support.

News Publisher

Sample submission reports

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