Installation and Uninstallation Instructionsblank

Download Instructions

To download the software, follow these steps.

Click the Download button on the download page of the software


Wait for a few minutes for the setup file to download.

After download is complete, a security warning message will appear asking "Do you want to run or save this file?"

Security Warning

Installation Processblank

Language Selection

The Installation process of the software is mentioned below.

Once the software setup is downloaded, double click the setup file to start install the installation process.

First window is the language selection in which you can select the desired language of installation. Please note that the language is selected for installation and not for software use.

Select Language

Welcome Message

The next window is the welcome message during installation.

It tells you that installation of the software will begin if you click on Next button.

You can click on Cancel button to cancel the installation.

Welcome Message

End-User License Agreement

This window has the end-user license agreement between the company and the end user.

If you check "I Agree" option and select the Next button, it is presumed that you have read the agreement and agree to it.

We suggest you to read the agreement before clicking the Next button.

License Agreement

Start Installation

The installation starts when you click on Next button on this window.

Installation can not be canceled once it starts after clicking the Next button.

The installation is finished after clicking the Next button and you can use the software.

Start Installation

Uninstallation Processblank

Open Control Panel

The Uninstallation process of the software is mentioned below.

You can uninstall a program from your computer if you no longer use it or if you want to free up space on your hard disk. You can use Programs and Features to uninstall programs or to change a program's configuration by adding or removing certain options

First you need to open control panel on Windows.

While on the Start screen, swipe up to switch to the Apps screen. With a mouse, click on the downward-facing arrow icon to bring up the same screen.

Open Control Panel by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Control Panel in the search box, and then tapping or clicking Control Panel.

Select Language

Control Panel

The Control Panel is typically displayed in one of two different ways: either a Category View or an Icon view. Category view will have 8 or 9 icons with a few options under each one, while Icon view will be a large list of icons.

In Category view, click the "Uninstall a program" link under the "Programs" category.

In Icon view, click the "Programs and Features" icon.

Welcome Message

Programs and Features

This window has the end-user license agreement between the company and the end user.

In the Programs and Features window, you can see a list of your currently installed software, and you can choose to uninstall, change, or repair each item. This looks the same and works the same way in both operating systems. This illustration is from Windows 8.1

You will now be at the Programs and Features, or Uninstall or change a program. From this screen you can uninstall programs, view installed updates, examine your digital locker, and turn Windows features on and off.

This screen contains a list of the programs installed on your computer, the company that developed it, and when it was installed. This screen also contains four options in the left navigation bar that are unrelated to uninstalling a program

License Agreement

Confirm Uninstallation

The uninstallation starts when you click on change button on this window.

If you press the Change button, the program will launch it's setup so that you can modify how the program is presently installed. It is important to note that the Change button does not uninstall a program, but rather allows you to modify how it is currently installed. If you want to uninstall the program you should instead click on the Uninstall button. Once you click on the uninstall button you will be presented with a confirmation asking if you would like to continue . For those who like shortcuts, you could just double-click on an entry to start this process as well. For some programs when choose to uninstall it, Windows may prompt you with a message stating Windows needs your permission to continue. At this screen you should click on the Continue button.

If you do not want to continue, then you should press the No button, and you will come back to the list of programs. If you press the Yes button Windows will start the uninstall routine for the program and begin to remove it.

Start Installation